Super Specs


Genre: Adventure Sci-Fi

Developer: LambdaMu Games

Wake up in the morning feeling like you're lost and confused. Your memory's gone , you're on your own, you're not amused!

Journey into a world of endless darkness as you try to recollect the memories of your forgotten past. Will you find the light that eludes you? Or will you fade away quietly into the dead of night? It's as simple as finding your way to the exit and to the bottom of this mystery. But the road ahead is treacherous. And the cover of night hides many secrets that only the light can reveal.

Awesome Content


INTUITIVE AND INNOVATIVE GAMEPLAY: Simple controls that are easy to pick up; novel light & darkness mechanics that are challenging to master. 

BREATH-TAKING CAMPAIGN: Explore the world of Infinight over 50 levels across 5 stunningly detailed zones. It's got graphics so sharp it'll cut your eyes out!

SHINY GOODIES GALORE: Piece the mystery together by collecting over a 100 recordings, and unlock new modes of play and achievements! 

MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM: Connect to opponents using Game Center and engage in some fast-paced, nail-biting, hair-raising action – an adrenalin rush like no other.

LET THERE BE DARK: The ultimate test of your courage, memory, patience and resolve! Check out the preview here.