Super Specs

Genre: Casual Arcade Adventure

Developer: LambdaMu Games

The world is in turmoil! Animals from all over the planet are exhibiting bizarre burrowing behaviour! And only The Professor, with his expertise in burrowing phenomena, can save us! But alas, he is missing. It is up to you then, to find the Professor and unearth the mystery of these burrowing beasts!



Awesome Content

UBER GRAPHICS: Capture these adorable animals in stunning detail with a heavy dose of graphics that will have you going completely ape for more!

ALL NEW WHAC-A-MOLE MECHANICS: Fling, Stun and Combo your way to the bank, but watch out – each animal poses a novel challenge that won't have you shooting fish in a barrel

INSANE ITEMS AND POWERUPS: It's a jungle out there, so make sure you're packing some heat! There's more than one way to skin a cat, as you choose to quip your expedition with Coffee, Rockets, Machetes, Fireworks and much much more!

SO MANY ACHIEVEMENTS: With full Game Center integration, and hordes of achievements and new game-modes to unlock, you'll be flinging them critters until the cows come home!